Hybrid Cloud. Effective blend of On-premise and cloud


OfficePOD is a secure access bridge solution to manage documents from internal file servers.

You can securely manage all your data in on-premise servers without transferring to external space.

On-Premise’s performance

Low levels of latency

Customized to your needs

High level of control

Cloud’s flexibility

Reasonable cost

Easy data access

High scalability

Access file servers and PC

Simply connect to servers and PC directly from web browser.

- SMB/FTP/PC (PC Connect needs addtional Clients)

- Direct access from Web broswer

Effective data management

Collect recent files and favorites to check and securely share as a link.

- Collect Recent files

- Collect favorites

- File link sharing (Set password and expiration date)

Simple and accurate

From web-based management page, create own security policies and manage files and a server.

- Real-time log monitoring

- Security policy

- Check file and server status

OfficePOD Structure